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Join Judy Arnall, content expert for Scholar's Choice Canada, bestselling author and professional teacher conference speaker as she presents "Understanding Multiple Intelligences"

Watch Understanding Multiple Intelligences

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Bully Busters March 6, 2014

What's New at Professional Parenting?

Congratulations to Salim Dassuki who won the LEGO package at the Spring Calgary Baby and Tot Show! Come see us at the next show this Fall 2014

Finally, popular media catches up with the research. This photo is from the ad campaign from Health Canada.

Health Canada Toddler Breastfeeding photo

Information Overload? Parents Quick Guide to Parenting Information 2014, is your guide to understanding parenting information.

APCA, a non-profit organization, is now offering free monthly webinars on Discipline, Sleep, Eating, Toileting, "Not listening", Tantrums and more! Informative, funny, and REAL! These webinars explains the concepts of child development, temperament, brain architecture and stress caused by punishments in discipline. They offer new, non-punitive approaches to parenting without punishment that builds relationships and children's brain development. There will be time afterwards to ask questions. In an effort to provide ongoing, normative parenting support, we will offer the webinar each month with a slightly new slant on discipline covering such topics as sleep, eating, sibling fighting, and "listening." Come once or come regularly!

  • Webinars are held in the evening, the first week of the month
  • Child development from babies to teens will be covered
  • These webinars are funded by a research project. We ask that you fill out a 10 question anonymous survey pre and post webinar viewing
  • Due to confidentiality, the webinars will not be recorded, although a generic one is available for purchase
  • All webinars are presented live by Canadian certified family life educators
  • Information provided is sourced from Alberta Health Services, Professional Parenting Canada, Canadian Pediatric Society, P.E.T., and the Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Next webinar - "Discipline that Builds Children's Brains: Focus on Picky Eating"

    Wedsnesday May 7th, 2014 8 - 9pm MST Alberta time (7pm Vancouver, 8pm Calgary, 9pm Winnipeg, 10pm Toronto, 10pm Montreal, 11pm Halifax, 11:30pm St. John's NL

    Presented by Judy Arnall, BA, CCFE (Certified Family Life Educator) and author of the award winning, and international best seller.

    No charge. Please Register Here jarnall@shaw.ca

    Click here for monthly schedule

    Liked the webinar? Purchase the book, Discipline Without Distress, for thousands of tips on how to non-punitively handle "misbehaviours" from babies to teens in a respectful, effective manner. Due to sky-high shipping charges in Canada, we are offering a bundle option for free shipping. Order one for a friend or for your mom's group and save!


    As a mom of five children, I start my day at 7 am with a hefty dose of Amy Chua's (Tiger Mom) parenting style; full of ambition, shiny new rules and heavy goals for the day, and then over morning coffee, with my brain in high gear, I contemplate Elizabeth Badinter's (The Feminist) philosophy over a sink full of dirty dishes. After surviving a few tantrums and getting a few chores done, by naptime, I'm really tired and desperate to get my child (and me) asleep, so I indulge in a bit of Jamie Lynne Grumet's (attachment parenting) parenting style and just feel like I want to curl up with my children and snooze away. Order, obedience and patience levels decline as the day moves forward. Dinner time picky eating battles brings out the Pamela Drukerman (French laissez-faire parenting style) in me as I down my fourth glass of wine, and after the wine, the Lenore Skenazy approach (Free range kids) shines best when I crave some precious "me time". I end the day with the question, "What parenting style am I?" There are 50 shades of gray in parenting where everyone demands you be all black or white. Here is my advice to parents: Do the best you can with the resources you have and grow a really thick skin! Take care of yourself! Judy

    Parenting Digital Kids Speaker Judy Arnall   CAPS logo   Toastmaster parenting speaker GSF logo  
    Judy Arnall is a Speaker

    As a parenting and teacher conference keynote and breakout speaker, Judy will not read powerpoint bullets. Through props, videos, photos and activities, Judy provides evidence-based information, ideas and strategies to increase peace, communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and fun in families and classrooms.

    Judy Arnall Professional Demo

    Chestermere Conference, 100 people, full day, "Active Listening"

    Parenting Trainer Judy Arnall
    Judy Arnall is a Trainer
    Judy is certified to present:

    Parent Effectiveness Training Classes P.E.T. - Click on logo for more information

    link to PET course info

    Terrific Toddler Classes - Click on logo for more information

    link to Terrific Toddlers class info

    Positive Discipline for Everyday Parenting - Click on logo for more information

    link to Positive Discipline

    "Judy's teaching style welcomes interaction and introspection; she sets the stage for calm, non-judgemental opportunities for growth, and a chance to think differently about raising our children. She is a warm, welcoming speaker who has an amazing depth of knowledge at her fingertips. Everyone in the classroom or audience quickly learns that they can look to her for advice on any aspect of the topic on which she is focused. Rather than immediately giving advice, Judy always takes the time to guide and encourage parents as they find an answer that works for their family. Parents are indeed lucky to have a master parent educator like Judy to learn from, but the hundreds (thousands?) of kids who are being raised by these parents are the true beneficiaries of the classes Judy teaches." Laurie Strother, BSN Class Participant

    Judy can also present many other programs.

       Over 50 Presentation Topic Descriptions

    Leadership Conference, break-out, 100 people, "Parenting Styles"

    Lets Learn Together Conference, 50 people, breakout, "Brain Development 101: Toddlers and Technology"

    Parenting Trainer Judy Arnall  
    Judy Arnall is a Bestselling Author

    Click on book cover for more information

    Plugged In Parenting

    link to Plugged-In Parenting DVD info

    Last Word on Parenting Advice

    link to book

    Discipline Without Distress

    link to book

    "Discipline Without Distress book"

    "Plugged-In Parenting: Connecting with the Digital Generation for Health, Safety and Love."

    "The Last Word on Parenting Advice book"

    Judy Arnall is a Expert on evidence-based Parenting Recommendations


    Judy has been quoted in many online, and print publications, and TV and Internet News Shows

       Click here to read articles with Judy's Advice in Current Media

    Judy Arnall is a regular parenting expert on Global TV, City TV and CTV's Alberta Prime Time

    Global Parenting Speaker Judy Arnall City TV Speaker Judy Arnall CTV Alberta Prime Time Speaker Judy Arnall

    More Than Ever, Families Today Need

    • Communication, interpersonal and conflict resolution skills
    • Healthy self-image and esteem
    • Bully-proofing: assertiveness and empathy training
    • Anger management tools
    • Problem-solving strategies
    • Emotional intelligence development
    • A system to manage work-family stress

    Professional Parenting Canada Offers

    • Keynote and breakout parenting speakers and parenting experts for your corporate or organizational events, conferences, and lunchtime educational sessions. We present to groups of 8 to 1000 people.
    • Parent education offered through webinars, classes, speeches, workshops and Lunch 'N' Learn sessions on over 50 topics customized for your organization with optional follow-up consultations and online support.
    • E-mail, telephone, and in-home coaching can be provided together with an education program or as a stand alone service at reasonable hourly rates.
    • Evidence-based parenting information for journalists and media interviews on today's parenting issues, for any age, from babies to teens.
    • Articles reprintable for your newsletter, magazine, blog, or website. Just remember to include the byline!

    Sign up for monthly notifications of upcoming parenting/education webinars. We will not share or sell your email address.

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