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Judy Arnall is Canada's leading expert on normal child development and non-punitive parenting and education practices.

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Judy Arnall is a regular parenting expert on CTV's Alberta Prime Time, Global TV, and City BT-TV

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Terrific Toddlers - Live and Recorded Online 4 Session Course

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The Terrific Toddlers course is based on the program "Terrific Toddlers" developed by Alberta Health Services and presented by Professional Parenting Canada

The live course is the same evening for four weeks, or you can have all four recordings immediately and drop into coaching sessions every Friday afternoon.

For parents of all children ages 1-4 years

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Mondays January 9th, (no class 16th), 23, 30, and Feb 6th 2017 from 9-10 pm (Eastern Toronto Time) and 7-8 pm (Mountain Alberta Time)

$120.00 per computer. Includes a printed book, pdf worksheets, and recordings. Completion certificates will be available if 3 out of 4 classes are attended.

Please register below:

If you can't attend the live sessions, and still wish to enjoy the recordings, or the classes have already started, or you can't wait until the start date, please register anyways and we will send the recordings to you and schedule private online one-to-one coaching time if you desire.

Instructor is Judy Arnall, BA, CCFE (Canadian Certified Family Life Educator with 20 years experience teaching parent education).

"Thank you for offering webinars. It was helpful to learn from the other 'voices' and gather tips for normal, everyday parenting challenges." Nicola, Online participant

Module 1 (First week) - The Parenting Role, Temperament, Self-Care, Picky Eating and Oral Health

Module 2 (Second week) - Developmental Milestones and Stages, Attachment Theory, Separation Anxiety, Sleep Challenges, and Toilet Training

Module 3 (Third week) - Brain Development and Play, Healthy Self-esteem, Effective Communication, and Safety.

Module 4 (Fourth week) - Anger, Feelings, Temper Tantrums, Behaviour and Guidance

Terrific Toddlers Course Poster

"I think your webinars/recordings are such a fantastic idea. I contemplated taking a class, but the times for the classes through any of the organizations in Calgary seemed difficult to manage on top of everything else. A webinar format that I can access at any time is very convenient. Thanks for offering the Terrific Toddlers course in this way." - M.V.

Caring Family Communication Skills Practice - In Person Course

3 Wednesdays, January 18, 25th and February 1, 2017, 6-8 pm

Banbury Crossroads School, #201-2451 Dieppe Ave S.W. $167.00 per person or $267.00 per couple. Textbook and workbook included. Instructor: Judy Arnall, Certified P.E.T. Instructor and CCFE Canadian Family Life Educator. Please call 403-714-6766 for more information.

For parents of children ages 2 - 30 years

Suitable for graduates of communication-based parenting courses such as "How to Talk so Kids Will Listen," "P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training," "Terrific Toddlers," "Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting," "Gordon Neufeld Training," and "Non-Violent Communication". If you haven't taken these courses, register anyways and we will catch you up on the basic communication skills.

Developed and presented by Professional Parenting Canada

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This session's location is generously sponsored by Banbury Crossroads School

Printable Poster of Family Communication Skills Practice Course

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the class. I will be attending the next one you have. The knowledge you have given me and the extra skills are priceless and I have started implementing them and will continue to use them and grow with them in both my sons life and everyday life." Lynn

Communication skills are ever more important for family relationships in our increasingly digital world. The PET course builds such skills. Learn how to open up conversations with your children, especially teenagers and young adults. Practice ways to build links, and to respectfully assert your parental needs, with school-aged kids and even toddlers. Learn helpful approaches for conflict resolution in the family environment. When parents take this course, all members of the family will benefit from improved communication practice. For parents of all children ages 2 to adulthood.

The following concepts will be covered:

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