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We are Canada's only non-punitive parenting help resource center and publishing house. You can certainly parent without using time-outs, consequences, and bribery. We are here to help you build bonds with your children.

Professional Parenting is non-punitive, relationship parenting; not paid in currency, but in kisses from your toddler, hugs from your preschooler, kind words from your young child, conversations from your teenager and fun with your emerging adult.

Professional Parenting is Brain Core Story informed and we work from a Neuro-developmental framework

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Global Parenting Speaker Judy Arnall City TV Speaker Judy ArnallCTV Alberta Prime Time Speaker Judy Arnall

Judy Arnall is Canada's leading expert on child development and non-punitive parenting/education practices.

Judy just recently became the proud parent of 3 university graduates and 4 Rutherford Scholarship recipients!

She is a regular parenting expert on CTV's Alberta Prime Time, Global TV, and City BT-TV

Check out The University of Calgary's Alumni in Profile interview

University alumni

Get expert help to move your important family relationships from good to excellent, through webinars, keynotes, workshops, dinner seminars, articles, books, videos, train-the-trainer courses, Lunch'n'Learns and private consulting.

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New Book!

Unschooling To University ™

Relationships matter most in a world crammed with content

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Release date set September 21, 2018

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Unschooling To University Book

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Check out Judy's Respectful (non-punitive) Mobile-phone contract in Today's Parent Magazine

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New Book!

Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers To Teens ™

No opinions, theory or judgment; just a ton of ideas and strategies to handle every normal parenting challenge.

Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers to Teens

See a sample inside Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers to Teens

A compilation of ideas from real attachment parents in one neat little book. Each tip is respectful, kind and non-punitive.

Proceeds will be donated to support non-profit attachment parenting organizations.

Attachment Parenting Tips is an easy-to-use reference book of ideas to solve every common parenting problem that arises while raising children from 0 - 13 years of age and beyond.

Written by a certified parent educator and mother of five grown attachment-parented children, this book is bursting with over 3,000 practical tips tested by real parents.

Every topic in parenting is covered, from feeding and sleep, to bullying and homework, and the strategies can be put to use immediately.

Lysa Parker

"A much needed reference book with no theory - just plenty of neuro-biologically informed, kind and effective strategies for the everyday challenges parents face." Lysa Parker, MS, Cofounder, Attachment Parenting International and coauthor of Attached at the Heart.

Get helpful strategies on...

The Baby years: sleeping, breastfeeding, and crying.

The Toddler years: tantrums, the world of No!, toilet training, picky-eating, hitting and sleep challenges.

The Preschool years: power struggles, not listening, lying, angry meltdowns, and sibling jealousy.

The School-aged years: homework, friends, peers, stealing, school, attitude, chores, discipline, allowances, relationships and screen-time.

The Teen years: the one tool that works for all teen issues.

General AP Tips: More tools for babies to teens.

Elizabeth Pantley

"This reference book should be on every parent's phone or nightstand. It is a treasure chest of respectful tips and practical ideas to use for almost every common parenting challenge." Elizabeth Pantley, Author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution and The No-Cry Solution series

Bonus! Every challenge includes a brain and child development tip for that age and issue!

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