Free-Learning (Unschooling) to University

Discover the Secret of Engaged Self-Determined Learning

NEW! Learn about the fastest growing educational alternative where the learning focus is on competancies rather than content. This book examines the nature of learning, teaching and motivation, written by a parenting educator, and outlines how their family did it, as well as how you can free-learn to university also.

Natural learning

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Judy Arnall speaks about "To University from Unschooling"

City TV "How to Unschool" Judy Arnall

CTV TV "What is Unschooling? Part 1" Judy Arnall

CTV TV "What is Unschooling? Part 2" Judy Arnall


"You can't stop a child from learning, and you can't make a child learn." Judy Arnall, Author


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