Child Reading Book

Canadian Institute of Child Health

An organization that provides information, education and advocacy for the health of children and youth.

Caring for Kids

The official website that provides parent-friendly information on topics relating to children's physical and emotional health.

Family Service Canada

A national voluntary organization that represents the concerns of family and family serving agencies and organizations in Canada.

Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs

An association of family programs that promote the well-being of families by providing national leadership, consultation and resources to those who care for children and support for families. This site has a section called "Making Choices" which provides professional evaluation of a variety of common parenting programs.

Invest in Kids

A national organization that provides research based parenting information for children and families.

Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

A comprehensive website of resources for parenting, teaching, and working with children and families, based on the latest research in brain architecture and best practices.

Parenting Expert

An all-in-one site that has short easy to follow videos, recommended resources and expert comment on all areas of parenting.

Healthy Parenting Free Online Canadian Home Study Program

An organization that provides information, and parent education online for parents and caregivers of children from 0 to 5.

Canada Adopts

An online adoption meeting place for adoptive and birth families based in Canada, with information, resources, discussion forums, reading list and links to blogs about all aspects of adoption and parenting. Canada Adopts

Special Kids Canada

An organization that offers parenting resources for parents of children living with special needs. This is a one-stop resource

Brilliant Beginnings Canada

An organization that offers parenting classes direct to parents on-site and developmental play programs for children aged babies to preschoolers.

Attachment Parenting Canada

A national organization that provides research based attachment parenting information and classes for families, caregivers and organizations.

Radical Parenting

Learn the parenting relationship from the point of view of the child. This site features kids of all ages and talks about their lives and realities for parents to better understand their challenges.

Family Fun Calgary

A website that offers fun events and resources around Calgary for parents and children.

PACT - Parents And Children Together

A unique program that provides a play experience for babies, toddlers and preschoolers at the same time as a parent discussion group led by a Parent Educator for parents.

Fussy Baby - Spirited Child Support Group

An organization that offers parenting support opportunities for parents raising fussy babies/spirited children.

Natural Parenting Site

An Australian organization that offers parenting support, services and products for Natural Parenting. It's an online guide to Pregnancy and Birth.

JB Music Therapy

JB Music Therapy Inc. (JBMT) provides music therapy services to Calgary and surrounding areas including Red Deer.

First Step Nutrition

First Step Nutrition provides classes for parents on feedling babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Apni Generation Parenting Services

A magazine dedicated to strengthen positive relationships between parents and their children, to promote healthy and safe lifestyles for families through education, while embracing diversity of families of ethno-cultural backgrounds.

Family Life Works

Parent education, workshops and seminars targeted for families experiencing separation and/or divorce. Home of the "Effective Co-parenting: putting kids first" course.

Great Dad Tips

GreatDad provides Pregnancy Tips and Advice for Expectant Dads. The website also provides Parenting Information for New Dads, Single Dads, and Stay-at-Home Dads.

Birthing Mothers Doula Services

Helping mothers-to-be achieve the birth of their choice! It's your choice - your plan! Birthing Mothers Doula Services


A website for Dads to connect about parenting. daddy

Renewed Parent

A Canadian resource of parent coaching. Renewed Parent - Parent Coaching

Our Family Wizard

Provides parenting resources during separation and divorce. Our Family Wizard

Universal Circle of Women

A new Canadian organization that empowers women to know themselves and connect/support/empower each other through face to face facilitated meetings. Universal Circle of Women

Fostering Solutions

We are an independent fostering agency who are passionate about ensuring positive outcomes for children and young people. Fostering Solutions

Positive Parenting Ally

A wonderful website that provides parenting articles on attachment parenting and attachment theory, positive parenting and unconditional parenting! Positive Parenting Ally

Baby Accessorize

shop online for baby toys and kids games at low internet prices and fast home delivery service Baby Accessorize

Take a Hike With Your Children book

A new book outlining different hikes and walks with children in the Canadian Rockies. Take A Hike With Your Children

Lets Learn Together

A new series of free normative parenting seminars for parents and caregivers in Calgary. Lets Learn Together

Grappling With the Growlies book

A wonderful book for children to help them handle their anger. Grappling With the Growlies