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Got a Group? Get a Class! ™ Over 50 Family Life Topics

Breakouts, Workshops, Seminars, Presentations, and Parenting Parties

We provide over 50 topics of interactive presentations for your organization, conference breakout, private groups, workplace Lunch'n'Learns, churches or schools.

All presentations are adaptable for a one to three-hour format, except those indicated as multi-week seminar series.

For large audience conference keynotes or a speaking/training package, please click here Keynote Topics

AV supports include flipcharts, overheads or Powerpoint presentations, depending upon the room and audience. We will not read powerpoint bullets! We strive for interactivity with the use of props, videos, photos and exercises.

We can tailor interactive presentations to groups of 8 to 100 participants

Presentations are based on current evidence-based recommendations from The Canadian Pediatric Society and local health authorities, and Best Practices for Parent Education Programs.

Choose a topic and we can send a webinar for your preview, so you know exactly what key messages your audience will take away

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"Judy's teaching style welcomes interaction and introspection; she sets the stage for calm, non-judgemental opportunities for growth, and a chance to think differently about raising our children. She is a warm, welcoming speaker who has an amazing depth of knowledge at her fingertips. Everyone in the classroom or audience quickly learns that they can look to her for advice on any aspect of the topic on which she is focused. Rather than immediately giving advice, Judy always takes the time to guide and encourage parents as they find an answer that works for their family. Parents are indeed lucky to have a master parent educator like Judy to learn from, but the thousands of kids who are being raised by these parents are the true beneficiaries of the classes Judy teaches." Laurie Strother, BSN, Class Participant

1 Day Short Speaking Topics

Topics for Baby Groups

Topics for Early Years Toddlers and Preschoolers

Topics for Elementary Schools

Topics for Middle Schools and High Schools

General Topics for Everyone

*I had heard presentations on Multiple Intelligences before and was not expecting to get as much out of this as I did. Judy had a slightly different take on the topic which was refreshing, and to deliver the presentation in all eight intelligences shows her skill as an interesting presenter.* Participant, Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs National Conference, April 29, 2011, Montreal

Longer Seminars

Not sure which parenting program is right for your group? This chart may help:

Parent's Quick Guide to Parenting Information 2014

Professional Development for Front Line Family Professionals

*Judy was absolutely one of the best speakers I have seen in a long time. She was delightful, informative, knowledgeable and had an excellent realm of information!* Participant, Plugged-In Parenting for Professional Development, Childreach, London, Ontario, June 2, 2011

*Thanks for coming out to New Brunswick to share your gifts with us!* Meeting Planner, Terrific Toddlers Train-the-Trainer, Saint John, New Brunswick, October 25, 2013

Professional Development for Teacher Conferences

Popular Topics for Teacher Conventions

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