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P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training Course

The Most Researched Non-Punitive Parenting Course

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4 Session Live and Recorded Zoom Classes

For parents of children ages 2 - 30 years

Read the Upstart Research Report on P.E.T.

NEWS FLASH: Bill Gate's Parents Took P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training!

For professionals who work with children, and parents of children ages 2-25 years.

Dr. Thomas Gordon's Parent Effectiveness Training, P.E.T., is the most researched, evidence-based, best practices, model for raising responsible, loving, and respectful children of all ages. The P.E.T. course is the original parenting program, upon which many other programs are based such as Active Parenting, Non-Violent Communication, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, and Triple-P Parenting Program. It founded the development of conflict resolution, active listening, and effective confrontation courses, presently offered at universities, colleges, schools, and in corporate environments around the world. The P.E.T. program was developed by Gordon Training International in 1962, and is backed by almost 60 years of research, and is delivered in over 40 countries today. Dr. Thomas Gordon has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice. The book has sold millions of copies world wide and has been translated into over 20 foreign languages. Connection between parent and child is enhanced by learning the skills in this seminar. P.E.T. provides families with confidence, healthy self-esteem, emotional intelligence, communication skills, problem-solving skills, assertiveness, empathy and increased co-operation in their relationships. Most of all, families re-discover peace in their homes and joy in living together.

In independent reviews, by Family Resource Programs Canada and by parent educators, social workers, psychologists, doctors, nurses, teachers, and parents, the P.E.T. program has consistently rated five stars (the highest awarded) for the best practices in parenting program available.

We know ... It's a bad copy, but Judy Arnall talks to Global TV about the P.E.T. program

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Course Topic Outline

Session 1 - Understanding temperament, Behavior rectangle, Myths of parenting, Problem ownership.

Session 2 - Understanding development, Active listening.

Session 3 - Managing anger, Behaviour guidance, Non-punitive discipline, Assertiveness skills, Delivering I-Messages, Shifting gears.

Session 4 - Problem-Solving, Values Differences.

"The instructor used real life experiences as examples, it was nice to see that she wasn't "perfect" and it showed me that there is no one magical way to raise a child that it's an everyday learning experience and to keep my mind open to ideas. Active listening was the biggest eye opener for me and it's something that I am practicing more and more."

"Great course, it's very useful even for adult life, not just for parenting skills."

"The instructor was approachable, fun and informative. She made the class go by quickly. It was a good learning."

Would you Like to Host a P.E.T. Private Seminar?

We love to travel! If you would like to set up a seminar for your group, company, school, or association, please email us below. We are certified P.E.T instructors who are also qualified to teach T.E.T. - Teacher Effectiveness Training, E.T. - Effectiveness Training for Women, and No-Lose Conflict Resolution for Youth.

Seminars can be offered in several formats: 8-week Lunch and Learns, or before/after work sessions, or a 2-day, 12-hour intense Fast Class. Other options can be customized to meet your participant's needs. Please contact us below for more information.

Judy Arnall

Printable Proposal for Organizational Onsite Hosting Course Hosting Proposal

More Information about the P.E.T. Program

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P.E.T. Program Overview and Information

The University of Calgary, Alumni Magazine: Communication in Parenting Article Printable

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P.E.T. Summary of Research Findings

P.E.T. Summary of Recent Australian Research

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