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Articles and Tipsheets: Parenting Pointers by Children's Ages and Stages

Happy Siblings

Articles are available free for educational and publication use if the credit/by-line is reproduced in it's entirety. Article content may be edited for your newsletter, magazine, or online space requirements.

This section is always under construction - more articles/excerpts coming!

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Babies Ages 0 - 1

The Science of Attachment Parenting Leaving Baby for the First Time Preparing For Parenthood How to Start a Babysitting Co-op Advice from New Parents to New Parents Top Ten Ways to Get Baby to Sleep Baby Playtime - How much is Enough? Solve Your Child's Problem Sleep How to Soothe A Crying Baby Baby Discipline? Baby Carrying Benefits Breastfeeding Myths and Benefits Co-Sleeping Benefits Co-Sleeping Safety Tips Am I an Attachment Parent? Attachment Parenting 101 How to get Things Done with a New Baby

Toddlers Ages 1 - 2

How to Work at Home with a Deadline, Little Ones and No Sitter Why do Toddlers Hit? Is it a Discipline Issue or Development Issue - Part 1 Young Children Is it a Discipline Issue or Development Issue - Part 2 Problem Solving Sibling and Friends Fighting Resolutions Morning Madness and After Work Arsenic Hour Survival! Celebrate When Your Toddler Says "No!" To You Building Kids' Brains During Wait Times Without Electronics Worlds Best Playdough Recipe The Playgroup Altercation: What to do when your child is the hitter The Playgroup Altercation: What to do when your child is the victim Helping Your Child Adjust to the New Baby Gift Giving from the Heart and Hands, not the Wallet Taming Temper Tantrums Picky Eating Problems Toddler Sleep Problems Time-In, not Time-Out, Published in FRP Canada Mutual Respect Between Parent and Child Sibling Rivalry Remedies 123 Time-Out Advantages and Disadvantages: Know the risks Alternatives To "No"! Toilet Training Feelings Are Fantastic! Differences Between Discipline and Punishment Toddler Discipline Tips Tips for a Home Birthday Party and Etiquette for Hosts and Guests Play Ideas to Keep Toddlers Busy How To Get More Patience How to Handle Toddler Aggression: Hitting, Biting and Pushing How to Take a Parent Time-out with Small Children Underfoot Terrific Toddler Characteristics

Preschoolers Ages 3 - 5

Kindergarten: Wait or Register? 10 Ways to Raise a Smart Child Without Preschool: Talk, read, listen, explore Giving Kids Personal Space in Cramped Quarters Winter Holidays Play Ideas Natural Consequences: A Great Discipline Tool Cheaper Alternatives to Preschool The $120 Swim Lesson: Should you Allow Them to Drop Activities and Lessons? Mid-Summer Play Ideas for All Ages The Myth of Parenting Consistency Say No to "NO!" and Raise a Smarter Child Parenting Pizzaz in Crowds Education Options For Preschoolers

School Children Ages 6 - 12

Motivating Children to do the Assignments All Children Learn to Read Without Direct Instruction Children Learn to Write When They Have Something to Say Motivating Kids To Learn Cursive NEW! Video Games Gives Kids A Bigger Academic Edge Than Homework Cellphone/Gaming/Internet Contract Non-Punitive STEM Classes - Do they help or hurt curiosity? Letting Go of Tweens Are all-inclusive vacations educational? You bet! Ways to learn math without a workbook Bully Busters Clever Comebacks 10 Ways Kids Can Say NO! to Peers Is Minecraft Educational? Spring Break Play Ideas Practicing Digital Intelligence: Internet and Cellphone Safety How to Handle a Bad Report Card Family Bedrooms for School-Aged Children Family Game Night Survival Tips and Strategies Parents Against Homework - "Opt Out of Homework" Letter to Send to Schools Want to Raise a Smarter Kid? 25 Benefits of the Internet, Video and Computer Gaming How to get Your Screen Zombie Moving! Handling Your Child's Anger Childproofing for School-Agers? It works! Top Ten Tips to Limit Screen Time without Scream Time! Top Ten Tips to Limit Screen Time without Scream Time! Ages and Stages of Children Aged Six to Twelve Taming The Gaming: How to Limit Screen Time without Scream Time Help! My Child Won't do the School Homework! Handling Peer Pressure It's September: Getting Ready For A New School Year When Time-Outs, Grounding and Consequences Don't Work Education Options For School-Aged Children

Teenagers Ages 13 - 19

When Kids Don't Want To Travel Unschoolers Excel in High School 10 Reasons to Get the Degree (or Certificate, or Diploma) Want Your Teen to Talk to You? Cancel the Consequences! Tips for Applying to Post-Secondary Schools How to Raise a Respectful Teen How to Raise a Disrespectful Teen (Tongue in Cheek) Decoding Attitude Statements - What is Your Child Really Saying? What's Your IQ? (Integrity Quotient)

Parenthood in General

Problem-Solving Template Cellphone/Gaming/Internet Contract-Non-Punitive Childrens Development and Capabilities by Age The Stages of Friendship and Play Attachment Parenting 101 Teaching Sex Education By Age Chores by Age List Discipline and Parent Anger: How to separate your anger from your discipline Practicing Patience is the Key to Non-Punitive Parenting 10 Steps to More Patient Parenting Teaching Money Smarts by Age 8 Persistent Parenting Myths not Grounded in Research You Don't Have to be Like Your Parents How to Build Your Child's Self-Esteem 10 Benefits of Living in a Recession Socialization: It's more than just having friends Managing Mom's Online Time Ten Phrases to Sound Like a Better Parent How to Downsize Holiday Demands "A Mother's Gift" Poem Benefits of Traveling with Children Packing Essentials for Traveling with Children Visiting and Hosting Etiquette for Parents and Children Growing up Again Calm Down Tools: 70 Ways to Calm Down in the Heat of Anger Best Parenting Moments Cleaning Up Your Parenting Life Unschooling-FAQ Peaceful Partnering with Differing Parenting Styles Best Parenting Tips from the Trenches Parenting Etiquette in Public Date Night: Stoking the Hearth of the Home Stubborn or Spirited? Characteristics of a Spirited Child Easy Grocery Shopping with Kids of All Ages Top Ten Reasons to Take a Parenting Class How to get the Most out of a Parenting Class Parenting Classes By Ages and Stages