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Homeschooling Information

Yes, you can!

Everyone home educates their child from birth to age 6. You can keep going...

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Home Education Consultations

Need an education/parenting consultant? Judy is the proud parent of 5 Rutherford Scholarship recipients and 4 university graduates. She can help!

We provide telephone, or on-line confidential consultations on any parenting, education or family issue. We work from a non-punitive, evidence-based, neuro-biologically-informed parenting and educational approach.

Sessions are approximately one hour, $195.00 plus GST, includes a one hour follow-up session a month later.

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The Happy Homeschooling Handbook - Alberta Edition

The Happy Homeschooling Handbook Alberta

Considering homeschooling your child? Yes, you can! This 120 page book contains everything you need to homeschool in Alberta.

NEW! Includes a package of either grade 1-9 sample Home Education Plans or grade 10-12 course proposal/summary templates

Credible information, regulations, responsibilities, how-to, tips and a whole lot of encouragement. You got this!

All net proceeds go to the non-profit Alberta Homeschooling Association.

"I would encourage it as "required reading" for all families new to homeschooling. It was so amazingly informative and answers 99% of the questions that pop up on this site. Very well written, the best $24 I've spent in a long time! Everyone even considering homeschooling should own a copy." - Homeschooling Parent

See Inside The Happy Homeschooling Handbook

Print Book $23.95 plus $6.00 shipping


College Graduation

How to Homeschool/Unschool in Alberta

Considering homeschooling your child next year? Yes, you can! Come and find out your rights and responsibilities, home education philosophies, how the education system works, funding, resources, and parenting/student styles. This session is not sponsored by any school board so we can have a frank discussion.

Presented by Judy Arnall, mom of 5 home educated high school scholarship graduates and certified family life educator.

$29 Fee (plus GST) includes handout materials and unlimited viewing access to the webinar.

Self-Designed Home Education High School for an Alberta Government Diploma

Need more detailed help and consultation?

Wondering how to home school your high school aged child? Your child can take on-line courses, classroom courses, or do Parent/self-designed high school, or even a combo of all three and still acquire a diploma. This session is not sponsored by any school authority. Register for the 90 minute webinar recording and find out everything you need to know! Presented by Judy Arnall, Homeschool parent of 5 High school graduates/Scholarship recipients and 3 who have graduated university.

This detailed session is not sponsored by any school board so we can have a frank discussion. It is provided by Professional Parenting.

Fee: $49.95 plus GST, includes 90 minute recording, course proposals and summaries, and live consultation.

Homeschooling High School

Topics covered are:

Help! My Child Won't do the Work! Understanding the Brain Science Behind Learner Motivation

Does your child take 3 hours to do a ten minute assignment? In this webinar, we will look at brain development stages and the implications for children's learning. We will examine learning styles and present some tips for reducing stress and increasing fun types of learning.


Presented by Judy Arnall, mom of 5 home educated high school scholarship graduates and certified family life educator.

$29 Fee (plus GST) includes handout materials and a copy of the webinar for your future use.

College Graduation

Every Child is Gifted: Understanding Your Child's Multiple Intelligences

Learn about the 8 types of intelligences and how children learn differently. Everyone is intelligent! Purchase now and the webinar will be sent to you immediately for your personal reference. This webinar includes 15 minutes of private online live chat to answer your personal questions. Presented by Judy Arnall, BA, CCFE

$29 Fee (plus GST) includes handout materials and a copy of the webinar for your future use.

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College Graduation

Video and Radio Help

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The Universal Declaration on Human Rights #3: Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children, Section 50 (2) Alberta Education, School Act