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Professional Parenting provides

Professional Development Training for Early Childhood Organizations

Non-Punitive, Gentle, Parenting and Education Consulting and Classes for Parents/Caregivers

Professional Parenting is Alberta Family Wellness Institute AFWI Brain Story informed and we work from a Neuro-developmental framework.

All programs offered are universal programs (prevention) and are available to all families and caregivers. Understanding brain biology and the impact on behaviour, equips parents and caregivers to make better decisions to raise healthy children. All programs focus on building protective factors and preventing the development of risk factors and vulnerabilities.

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Judy Arnall is Canada's leading expert on child development and non-punitive, gentle, democratic parenting/education practices.

A parent of 5 children, Judy has taught child development and parenting for 13 years at AHS-Alberta Health Services and The University of Calgary, Continuing Education.

She is a regular parenting expert on CTV's Alberta Prime Time, Global TV, and City BT-TV

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Professional Parenting Offers

Parenting/Professional Development Courses for 2024 ready for Sign-up Now!

Sick of Netflix? Invest in Your Relationships! Take a Child Development Class.

Parenting Tip Webinar: Gentle Discipline

Feb 26, 2024, 6 PM MST, 8 PM EST, No Fee, Zoom Presentation

Gentle Discipline

Discover when children learn self-control and begin listening. Learn 3 easy steps to remain calm and help our children get calm through times of chaos and conflict. Distinguish between discipline and punishment, and be able to use 10 age-appropriate tools for gentle and respectful discipline that teaches kids rather than punishes kids. Q and A included

Presented by Judy Arnall, Parenting Consultant with Professional Parenting Canada

Professional Parenting Canada

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Sibling Rivalry Remedies


Sibling Rivalry Remedies

Discover when children learn self-control and begin listening, and taking responsibility for their actions. Learn 3 easy steps to remain calm and help our children get calm through times of chaos and conflict. Q and A

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Get Your Free Paperback Attachment Parenting Book Today! Just pay the $10 postage below and we will drop it in the mail!

Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers To Teens

Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers to Teens Attachment Parenting Tips

A great introduction to child development and the art of gentle, non-punitive, problem-solving parenting!

No opinions, theory or judgment; just a ton of ideas and strategies to handle every normal parenting challenge.

See a sample inside Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers to Teens

A compilation of gentle parenting ideas from real attachment parents in one neat little book. Each tip is respectful, kind and non-punitive.

Attachment Parenting Tips is a 386 page easy-to-use reference book of ideas to solve every common parenting problem that arises while raising children from 0 - 13 years of age and beyond.

Each challenge is detailed with a brain development explanation on why it is occuring.

Written by a certified parent educator and mother of five grown attachment-parented children, this book is bursting with over 3,000 practical tips tested by real parents.

Every topic in parenting is covered, from feeding and sleep, to bullying and homework, and the strategies can be put to use immediately.

Proceeds will be donated to support non-profit attachment parenting organizations.

Offer only available in North America! Thank you!

Alternatives to Homeschooling and School: Learn about the benefits of Unschooling

Order your complimentary book, Unschooling To University


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Non-punitive gentle parenting books

"The Spring is Almost Here - Kids are Driving Me Crazy!" 6 Book Gentle Parenting Bundle Sale

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Non-punitive gentle parenting books

Discipline Without Distress (440 page Print) Learn about parenting without punishment and build relationships.

Parenting With Patience (176 page Print) Learn ways for us to get a grip on anger and stress and learn ways we can teach our children to get a grip on anger.

Unschooling To University (384 page Print) Learn about how children can still learn academics through play, projects and exploration, instead of school or homeschool.

Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers To Teens (368 page Print) No theory - Just crammed full with helpful tips from parents and 23 years of facilitating parent groups.

Last Word on Parenting Advice Blank Journal (138 page Print) - a lovely new baby gift that tells parents they know best!

Money Smart Mom (226 page Print) - Tons of tips on saving money from baby years to college. (This book is only for North America)

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Judy is a proud graduate of University of Calgary and now teaches child development there!

Check out The University of Calgary's Alumni in Profile interview

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