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Judy Arnall is a regular parenting expert on CTV's Alberta Prime Time, Global TV, and City BT TV

Global Parenting Speaker Judy Arnall City TV Speaker Judy Arnall CTV Alberta Prime Time Speaker Judy Arnall
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Global-TV How To Home Educate in Alberta

CTV-TV Is increasing amounts of screen time bad?

Global-TV Non-punitive screen time contracts with kids

CTV-TV Preparation for University; Benefits of Grandparents; Reading Readiness

Watch "Have a Better Behaved Child in Just One Hour" Webinar

CTV-TV Unschooling To University Book

Judy Arnall speaks on Unschooling at Motivational Mondays

CTV-TV How Unschooling (Self-Directed Education) Works in Alberta

BT TV Unschooling To University Book

CTV TV Teen Romance; Is Preschool Worth It?; Benefits of Exercise for Preschoolers

CTV TV Minimizing Teen Smart Phone Addiction

CTV TV Social Media Apps for Little Kids

CTV TV Building Emotional Intelligence

CTV-TV Teaching Gratitude

CTV-TV Allowing Children to Set Affection Boundaries with Relatives

CTV-TV How to Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday

CTV-TV Should Parents Have Extended Newborn Leave?

City-TV Benefits of Unschooling and Self-Directed Education

CTV-TV Making Time for Children To Play

CTV-TV Teaching Children Organizational Skills

CTV-TV The Effects of Punishment and Cellphone Over-ride Apps

CTV-TV Building Girl Power

Global-TV How to Build Better Communication With Teens

CTV-TV Helping Children Prepare Emotionally for Back-To-School

CTV-TV What is Unschooling? Part 1

CTV-TV What is Unschooling? Part 2

CTV-TV Avoiding Activity Overload; Giftedness - Is it Nurture or Nature?

CTV-TV Gender Stereotypes in Advertising

CTV-TV Role of Grandparents Living With Families

CTV-TV Living Harmoniously with Boomerang Children

CTV-TV How Parents Screentime Distractions Affect Children

CTV-TV Building Children's Sense of Humour; Fidget Spinners

CTV-TV How to Talk to Children About Cannibis Use

CTV-TV Benefits of Family Volunteering; Snack-shaming in Schools

CTV-TV Teaching Preschoolers To Read; Handling Toy Clutter

CTV-TV Handling Parental Guilt When Childhood Accidents Occur

CTV-TV Do Anti-Bully-Programs in Schools Work? Should Schools Rate Parents?

CTV-TV Should Parents Argue in Front of Children?

CTV-TV How to Empower Introverted Children; How to Comfort Upset Children

CTV-TV How to Manage After-School Crankiness; Harnessing the Power of the Parental Village

CTV-TV Is Yelling Harmful? Should Parents Have Date Night?

Global-TV Sibling Fighting and Rivalry Remedies

CTV-TV Should Allowances be Tied To Chores?

CTV-TV Building Baby's Brain; The Case Against Letting Babies Cry-It-Out

CTV-TV Handling Children's Summer Boredom

CTV-TV Do Children Need Summer Sleep-Away Camp for Healthy Development?

Global-TV How to Handle Bullying in School

CTV-TV New Sleep Guidelines for Children

CTV-TV How to Avoid Permissive Parenting; How to Survive Online Mommy Groups

CTV-TV Avoiding Unhealthy Family Eating; Handling Unruly Hockey Parents

Global-TV How to Homeschool

CTV-TV How to Support Your Child Who Identifies as LGBTQ2S++

CTV-TV How to Handle Feeling Bullied By Your Child

Global-TV How to Talk So Teens Will Listen and How to Listen So Teens Will Talk

Global-TV How to Make Travelling With Children Easier

CBC-TV Turn Family Fights into Family Fun

CTV-TV Does Homeschooling Need More Regulation?

BT-TV How to Get Your Baby To Sleep

Global-TV Essential for Getting Ready for Back-To-School

Shaw-TV How to Get Kids to Do Chores

Global-TV How to Handle Playgroup Fights (Children, not parents!)

Global-TV The Love Languages of Parenting

Global-TV How to be a Non-Spanking Parent

City-TV Do Babies Need IPads?

Scholars Choice-TV Understanding Multiple Intelligences

Global-TV How to Manage Your Picky Eater

Global-TV Time-In or Time-Out? Which Builds Brains Better?

City-TV How to Handle Toddler Hitting, Biting, Pushing and Tantrums

CTV-TV How to Handle Too Much Halloween Candy

Global-TV How Parents and Teachers can Help Children Cope with Tragedy and Disaster

CTV-TV Are Millenials Ready for the Workforce?

Global-TV Helping Children Scale Down Holiday Expectations

City-TV How to Prepare Your Child for the New Baby

CTV-TV Parenting With Patience

Edmonton-TV Parenting With Patience

BT-TV Parenting With Patience

Global-TV Parenting With Patience

CTV-TV Should School Buses Have Wifi?

CTV-TV Should the Spanking Law (Section 43) be Struck Down?

City-TV How to Fight Respectfully in Front of the Children

CTV-TV Does Parenting Style Matter?

Global-TV How to Help Your Child Adjust To the New Baby

City-TV Attachment Parenting 101

Global-TV How to Disagree With Your Partner

Global-TV How to Keep Kids Off Screens This Holiday

Global-TV Secrets of Parenting Teen Boys

Global-TV Secrets of Parenting Teen Girls

Global-TV Prepping for School Start

Global-TV Academic Benefits of Playing Video Games

Global-TV Should You Allow Your Kids to Quit Extra-Curricular Activities?

City-TV Handling Toddler Temper Tantrums

Labatt Family Talk: How to Talk to Teens About Alcohol

City-TV Rainy Day Play Ideas for All Ages

Global-TV Taming The Video Gaming

Global-TV How to be a Good Host to Visitors With Kids

Global-TV How to Homeschool

CTV-TV Family Beds and Co-Sleeping Part 1

CTV-TV Family Beds and Co-Sleeping Part 2

Global-TV Setting Screen Time Limits Without Pushback

Global-TV P.E.T. Classes Parent Effectiveness Training Benefits

CBC-TV Sibling and Playmate Fighting

Global-TV Positive Discipline Without Punishment

City-TV How to Raise Responsible Children Without Punishments

Global-TV Does Spanking Children Damage Their Brains?

CTV-TV How to Handle Parental Advice and Judgement

How to Raise Creative, Confident Kids with Lois Brothers

Print News Articles

Parenting Digital Kids Speaker Judy Arnall

Todays Parent Magazine

Respectful (non-punitive) mobile phone contract. Today's Parent, April 2018

Today's Parent Magazine, October 2018 Academic Benefits of Unschooling

Today's Parent Magazine, Sept 2018, Nurturing Creativity in Older Children

Today's Parent Magazine, Sept 2018, Age by Age Guide to Raising Creative Children

Global News, June 2017 When Should Baby Sleep Alone?

Today's Parent Magazine, Feb 2017 Taming Temper Tantrums

Today's Parent Magazine Jan 2017 Dealing With 'I Hate You!'

Today's Parent Magazine, Aug 2016 11 Ways to Salvage a Bad Morning

Today's Parent Magazine, Jan 2014 Is Using Tablets Lazy Parenting?

ParentsCanada Magazine, December 2013, "Attachment Parenting: Is it for you?"

Today's Parent Magazine Sept 2013 When Kids Regress to Baby Talk

Avenue Magazine, August 2013, "All about Free-range Parenting"

Todays Parent Magazine, August 2013, "Public Tantrums"

Today's Parent Magazine Feb 2013 Why Kids are Copycats

Todays Parent Magazine, Judy Arnall, July 2012 Time-out Not Working? Try Time-In!

Parents Magazine June 2012 Discipline for Softies

Ottawa Citizen, Sept 2012, "Do Teens Really Buy into Teen Reality Shows?"

Todays Parent Magazine, Judy Arnall, July 2012 Time-out Not Working? Try Time-In!

Elisabeth Badinters Controversial Mothering Advice, Globe and Mail Newspaper, May 2012

The Dangers of Baby Sleep Training, Swerve Magazine, April 2012

8 Ways to Get Kids to Do Chores, Parent Central, April 2012

"Can Parents Fight in Front of Their Children?" Today's Parent Magazine, April 2012

Chores for Children at Every Age, Canadian Living, April 2012

Do Babies Need Discipline?, April 2012

Can You Hear Me Now? Do young children need cellphones? Today's Parent Magazine, April 2012

Todays Parent Magazine, December 2011, How to navigate opposite sex friendships during the school year.

Todays Parent Magazine, December 2011, How to ensure good behaviour over the holidays.

Todays Parent Magazine, October 2011, How to cope with your child's bad school marks.

The Huffington Post, October 2011, "Teaching Kids Manners."

The National Post, September 2011, "Canada's Corporal Punishment Laws Confusing."

The Huffington Post, September 2011, "Should You Let Your Teen's Boyfriend or Girlfriend Sleep Over?"

Globe and Mail Article, September 19, 2011 "Is Your Kid Money Smart?"

The Huffington Post, September 2011, "Does Your Child Really Need an IPAD?"

Globe and Mail Article, August 12, 2011 "The New Trend in Tutoring: Studying to Get Ahead Rather than Catch-Up"

Vancouver Sun, August 2011 "Parent Playdates: Pitfalls and Pointers"

Today's Parent Magazine July 2011 "How to Raise Caring Children"

Globe and Mail Article, July 14, 2011 "Does Co-sleeping Mean the End of Sex?"

Todays Parent Magazine May 2011 "Temperament"

Globe and Mail, June 21, 2011 "Obama's Next Challenge: A Teen in the Whitehouse"

Todays Parent Magazine May 2011 "Destructive Toddlers"

National Post Newspaper May 2011 "The Politics of Unschooling"

Calgary Herald, January 2011 "Managing Moms Online Time"

Telegraph Journal, March 2011 "Games Gone Too Far"

Todays Parent Magazine April 2011 "All-ages events"

Todays Parent Magazine May 2011 "Temperament"

Canadian Family Magazine March 2011 "Playdate Etiquette"

Chatelaine Online Magazine Dec 2010 "How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids"

Todays Parent Magazine December 2010 "How to Get Teen Cooperation"

Arizona Daily Star recommends "Discipline Without Distress" for Obama's Reading List" December 2010

The Globe and Mail December 23, 2010 "How to Settle Kids Before Christmas"

The Globe and Mail November 25, 2010 "Birthday Parties are a Minefield"

Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary Sun, December 2010 "Keeping Kids Entertained Over Holidays"

Todays Parent Magazine Oct 2010 "Facebook Etiquette for Parents"

Todays Parent Magazine Oct 2010 "Toddler Possesiveness"

The Globe and Mail September 10, 2010 "School's Out Forever - Unschooling"

Calgary Herald August 29, 2010 "Can Kids Teach Themselves?"

Todays Parent Magazine July 2010 "Attachment Parenting"

Globe and Mail July 2010 "Parenting Behaviour on the Playground"

Todays Parent Magazine July 2010 "How to Teach Kids to Stop Lying"

Todays Parent Magazine January 2010 "Boosting Self-Confidence"

Todays Parent Magazine January 2010 "The Importance of Touch"

Globe and Mail January 2010 "Parenting Boundaries in Social Media"

Globe and Mail Newspaper, November 23, 2009 "How Involved Should Parents be in Childrens Homework"

Todays Parent Magazine August 2009 "Expert Advice on Teens and Swearing"

University of Calgary Alumni April 2009 "Helicopter Parents"

Todays Parent Magazine April 2009 "Motivating Preteens"

Parents, March, 2009 "The Surprising Secrets to Raising a Well-behaved Kid"

Parents, March, 2009 "Discipline Don'ts"

Calgary Herald April 19, 2009 "Mom's The Word"

Todays Parent Magazine May 2009 "Expert Toilet Training Advice"

Calgary Herald Feb 11, 2009 "Homeschooling Provides Flexibility" Expert Advice January 2009 "Working Around Your New Baby" Expert Advice January 2009 "Sibling Rivalry Remedies" Expert Advice January 2009 "Alternatives to No"

University of Calgary Alumni December 2008 "Holiday Advice"

Canadian Family Magazine October 2008 "Say What? Discipline Tips to Handle the Big Mouth on Your Little One"

CBC Living Television September 15, 2008 "Parenting - Fighting Siblings"

Todays Parent Magazine August 2008 "How Much Independance Should you give Your Tween?"

Calgary Herald July 7, 2008 "Should We Spank Our Children?"

Calgary Herald June 27, 2008 "Time To Plug the Spanking Loophole"

Lifespeak Inc. Newsletter June 2008 "Taming The Gaming"

Todays Parent Magazine March 2008 "Wanting to be a Big Kid"

Todays Parent Magazine January 2008 "When Discipline Stops Working"

Todays Parent Magazine January 2008 "Balking at Bedtime"

The Globe and Mail January 15, 2008 "Child Development: Red Flag Meltdowns"

Todays Parent Magazine November 2007 "But You Promised! Handling Disappointment"

Canadian Living Magazine October 2007 "10 Ways to Encourage Your Child's Imagination"

Canadian Living Magazine October 2007 "10 Ways to Boost Your Child's Self Esteem"

Todays Parent Magazine October 2007 "Your Top Ten Discipline Questions Answered"

Calgary Herald February 27, 2007 "A Kinder Way to Discipline Kids"

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