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References and Recommendations

Comments from happy clients

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The University of Calgary Continuing Education

Recommendation Letter

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"The instructor used real life experiences as examples, it was nice to see that she wasn't "perfect" and it showed me that there is no one magical way to raise a child that it's an everyday learning experience and to keep my mind open to ideas. Active listening was the biggest eye opener for me and it's something that I am practicing more and more."

"Great course, it's very useful even for adult life, not just for parenting skills."

"The instructor was approachable, fun and informative. She made the 3 hour class go by quickly. It was a good Learning."

Alberta Health Services

Recommendation Letter

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Chestermere Early Learning Conference 2012

Recommendation Letter

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Alberta School Council Association

Recommendation Letter

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Calgary Public Library

Recommendation Letter

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LifeSpeak Inc

Recommendation Letter

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Calgary Preschool Teachers Association

Recommendation Letter

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Families Matter

Recommendation Letter

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"Judy's teaching style welcomes interaction and introspection; she sets the stage for calm, non-judgemental opportunities for growth, and a chance to think differently about raising our children. She is a warm, welcoming speaker who has an amazing depth of knowledge at her fingertips. Everyone in the classroom or audience quickly learns that they can look to her for advice on any aspect of the topic on which she is focused. Rather than immediately giving advice, Judy always takes the time to guide and encourage parents as they find an answer that works for their family. Parents are indeed lucky to have a master parent educator like Judy to learn from, but the hundreds (thousands?) of kids who are being raised by these parents are the true beneficiaries of the classes Judy teaches." Laurie Strother, BSN Class Participant

Evaluation Comments

As a conference organizer, how easy was Judy to work with?

Judy's breakouts kept to strict timelines. We were impressed when she offered to cut some material so we could get our conference sessions back on track. Much appreciated. M. Smith

Judy's expenses really were economy focused. She gave transparent receipts of all costs and came under budget. P. Molnar

Judy is a speaking professional. She keeps her word, delivers everything promised and gave us no surprises - in fact, she threw in some unexpected products for our audience. We highly recommend her speaking topics for keynotes and breakouts. K. Cross

Judy is a technology pro. She handled all her own AV and helped us with tech problems in other sessions. One less thing to worry about for meeting planners. G.H. MacDonald

How has the class/presentation been useful to you or your family?

I am already seeing a tremendous improvement in the relationship with my daughter.

The Lunch and Learn session was excellent.

I enjoyed learning that most things my child does is normal.

I now feel that I'm doing a wonderful job!

I feel more positive and validated that I'm doing the right things.

I've gained great ideas from the instructor and other participants.

The visuals enhanced my "ah, ha" moment about parent involvement and influence.

I was glad to have handouts to bring home for reference.

It's great to have easy access to this information.

I learned that everyone is not perfect and it's okay to make mistakes!

I liked the variety of visuals: audio, video, posters, diagrams, role-plays etc.

Great to hear, talk, and practice parenting solutions rather than to just read about it.

It was a worthwhile use of time and money.

It was fun. A nice stress-free evening.

I enjoyed the exercises and discussions.

This couldn't come at a better time for my son and me.

How effective was Judy's speaking?

I really liked that she didn't read her powerpoint! Very interactive.

An excellent listener to your group, very compassionate toward your audience! (Cindy B.)

Instructor is very inspiring and has taught me so much.

The speaker knew her information well and answered questions well.

It was the best session ever!

Excellent speaker!

Great listener, as always, and compassionate. (Michaela E.)

Knowledgeable, has resources, gets people talking.

Presents very respectfully. (Margit H.)

I love your workshops! (Tammy T.)

I really felt the instructor's practical approach (good balance of theory and examples) was helpful and met my needs.

The instructor was a real parent and didn't judge. She shared frustrations and experiences, which was valuable. (Koreen D.)

Very knowledgeable and not judgmental

Fantastic ideas. (Nicole L.)

An inspiration and a great public speaker. (Shay H.)

Wonderful, caring disposition.

It's so nice to have parents with loads of experience help "normalize" instances for parents around child rearing and relationship building. (Theresa M.)

The instructor is unflappable!

Very open, honest style. She was very calming and reassuring.

She had lot's of insight. Very relaxed and accepting. Down-to-earth and approachable. Good sense of humour.

Instructor is awesome! I loved her laugh and personality.

She was an excellent facilitator. She handled resistance with respect, knowledge and patience.

Your session was a highlight. The information you shared will benefit the families who were lucky enough to hear your message in both the short and long term. (Andrea Z., Conference Organizer)

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