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Podcasts and Resources

Child Reading dwd BookChild Reading pwp Book

Podcasts: Non-Punitive Parenting

parenting without punishment

Alternatives To Punishment, James Newcomb

The Importance of Dads, Brad Moser

Parenting Without Punishment with Emily Melious, Mothers of Misfits

Talking To Teens with Andy Earle

CBC Parenting With Patience

Discipline Without Distress with Velma Gallant, Queen of Joy

Non-punitive Parenting with Megan McCue

Podcasts: Non-Punitive Education

unschooling STEM

Alternatives To School, James Newcomb

Unschooling STEM with Robyn Robertson

Keeping Calm When Homeschooled Kids Refuse the Work with Teresa Wiedrick

Unschooling and Self-Directed Education with Ben Green

CBC Homeschooling Numbers Tripled 2021

CBC Back to School 2020

CBC Homeschooling

CBC Homeschooling Regulations and Support Groups

Homeschooling with Saralyn

Unschooling To University with Robyn Robertson

QR77-Unschooling With Angela Kokott

QR77-Unschooling With Andrew Shultz and Sue Deyell

Global-Danielle Smith Home Education or Online

CBC Eyeopener Homeschooling

Unschooling with Jack Spirko


Caring for Kids

The official website of the Canadian Pediatric Society that provides parent-friendly information on topics relating to children's physical and emotional health.

Family Service Canada

A national voluntary organization that represents the concerns of family and family serving agencies and organizations in Canada.

Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs

An association of family programs that promote the well-being of families by providing national leadership, consultation and resources to those who care for children and support for families. This site has a section called "Making Choices" which provides professional evaluation of a variety of common parenting programs.

Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

A comprehensive website of resources for parenting, teaching, and working with children and families, based on the latest research in brain architecture and best practices.

Harvard University Centre On The Developing Child

An organization that provides information, online for parents and caregivers of children from 0 to 5 as well as professionals. Harvard Centre On The Developing Child


An extremely helpful website directory (Canada and worldwide) for contacting mental and emotional help via therapy in-person and online. Everyone needs a little boost at some point in their relationships, parenting, job, partnership and life.

Canada Adopts

An online adoption meeting place for adoptive and birth families based in Canada, with information, resources, discussion forums, reading list and links to blogs about all aspects of adoption and parenting. Canada Adopts

Attachment Parenting Canada Association

A national organization that provides research based attachment parenting information and classes for families, caregivers and organizations.

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