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The Last Word On Parenting Advice

Reclaim parenting confidence with this handy little parenting advice journal that every new or experienced parent can't do without

The Last Word on Parenting Advice Book Cover The Last Word on Parenting Advice Support Journal


This 128 page journal has blank pages for keeping notes. It is purse or pocket sized for on-the-go note-taking. It has one printed page inside that advises parents or caregivers that they "know what is best for their child."

Makes a great baby or shower gift!

Table Of Contents

See inside "The Last Word on Parenting Advice" journal book


"Whenever I start doubting my parenting, I just open this book, and feel so much better." Maija Mills, BScPT

"This book is a wonderful tool to help parents trust their instincts and stay true to their own parenting beliefs!" Elizabeth Deneer-Roche, B.ChSt

"An essential gift for every new or experienced parent, for those times they feel judged, unappreciated or are just having a really bad day." Brenda Beatty, CBE, and mom of 5

"Finally, a book that tells you everything you REALLY need to know." Nicole Brouwer, BSc BEd, Parent Educator and mom of two

"My partner loved this gift." John Melisky

"A fantastic book that really encourages you to trust your instincts as a parent." Carolyn Campbell, Childbirth educator and mom of 4

"My Mother-in-law gave me this book when I became a new mom and I am forever grateful for this token of her support." Angela F.

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In The News

Parenting advice haters, rejoice!

By Lisa Kadane, Published Wed May 4 2011 HERS Blog Postmedia News

It's rough going in the mommy trenches. You've got the crying baby, the messy house, the willful toddler and a closet full of unwearable clothes that you swear will fit again. As if all that wasn't enough to keep your body busy and your mind occupied with angst, you've got a legion of fellow mommies, experts and authors eager to fill your head with conflicting and, often, unsolicited advice. About everything.

How to get your baby to sleep, how to potty train him at nine months, how to get her to like mashed up artichokes (and why aren't you feeding your baby organic? What, she drinks regular milk? Do you want her to develop breasts at age 5?!), and on and on and on. Frankly, it's exhausting.

Which is why I stopped reading parenting and milestones books about the time my daughter (and eldest) turned three. If I'm really stumped I'll ask our family doctor or phone a friend.

So I was delighted when Calgary parenting speaker Judy Arnall's latest book landed in my in-box. Titled The Last Word on Parenting Advice, I expected the small (128 pages) pocket-sized manual to be filled with no-nonsense, straightforward and sage advice from one of the city's most respected parenting coaches. But then I opened the book. All the pages were blank, except for page 63. On it is written this simple message: "You are the best person in the world for your child. Trust yourself. You know what is right for you, your children and your family." How refreshing. Permission to parent my own way, at last.

"Parents often agonize that every little detail of parenting, especially if it counters experts' advice, might wreck their kids forever. This is not the intent of parenting education and information. There are many good ways to parent, and a few not so good ways. Parents need to reclaim their confidence and say, 'This technique will not work for my child or my family, and that is okay!' Parents know their children and their unique situations best," says Arnall.

In addition to giving moms a mantra to repeat, the book is meant to act as a grocery list, memo pad or journal. Parents are encouraged to write down on its pages ideas about parenting that make sense to them, or to record precious moments, memories or milestones. Every parent needs this little book of confidence!


Presently only available as a journal. Not available as an e-book.

Trade Paperback, 128 pages, 4.25 X 7 inches, perfect bound

Print ISBN 97809780509-24 $12.95 CAN, $8.95 US

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